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Breakdown: The war in Afghanistan may no longer be front and center, but that doesn't mean the country is close to being peaceful

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The other contenders include the Wiffle Ball, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the coloring book, American Girl dolls, Battleship, Jenga, Playmobil, the scooter, and Twister

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Unfortunately, this will come at the expense of American jobs

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Haley — a bartender and LGBT activist — told the city she took a cab home to Brooklyn from a holiday party just before 3 a.m

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The bullpen has been tremendous, particularly Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances and Justin Wilson

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"The responses we're getting from customers are really phenomenal," Rhee said last week during an event hosted by Visa in San Francisco

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Thus we know she has been emailed by Sidney Blumenthal, a former White House aide and, in the required journalistic redundancy, a close confidant

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Women of all ages are allowed to enter.

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Vaccines are safe and effective, and they save lives

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In the US, the buyers are private insurance companies as well as the government through the Medicare and Medicaid system

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A Muslim pilgrim uses a selfie stick to take pictures atop Mount Thor in the holy city of Mecca ahead of the annual haj pilgrimage September 19, 2015

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Shabdrung Rinpoche belongs to Taklung Kagyu, a sub-school of Kagyu

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"When I put on my uniform and my heels, I instantly feel both glamorous and professional, and wearing it fills me with pride, and gives me the confidence to deal with anything that should come my way

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The new speed offered by the Liberty Global -owned service is about three times faster than BT

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"There is absolutely no connection between updating your profile picture for digital India and Internet.org

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I think at this moment in time, he’s the only candidate that speaks out about the country’s problems,” Icahn said by phone

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Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S

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App developers can decide if they want to implement “peek and pop” or build their own ways of reacting to 3D Touch

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Jyoti Bansal arrived from India aged 21 with nothing but a computer science degree, convinced this was the place to realise his ambitions

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He inherits a roster with Rose, Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah and a veteran group that's done everything except go all the way.

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Fiona O'Leary runs Autistic Rights Together and has two children with autism

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However, the mining industry has suffered a few setbacks caused by heavy taxation, contracts not being honoured even anxieties about the role of the state

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"The era during which such individuals have been able to carry out their malevolent actions with impunity must come to an end."

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On Sunday, the space agency announced the winners of its 3D-printed habitat challenge at the New York Maker Faire - structures that could actually be used to live Mars

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“And that goes without even being said because I’m still here

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It comes as Moscow has been ramping up its involvement in Syria in defense of Assad — ferrying weapons, troops and supplies to an airport near the Syrian coastal city of Latakia in what the U.S

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"Plaintiffs have failed to allege that Apple's logic boards were unfit for their ordinary purposes or lacked a minimal level of quality," Alsup wrote

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At one site in the Aragonese Pyrenees, naturalist Manuel Aguilera has been feeding vultures for over thirty years.

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House approved a bill that would lift the ban

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It has carved the fact in stone that this particular species of turtles have the ability to fluoresce

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While an unenviable challenge, it remains the international community's moral and political responsibility to find a solution in Syria that ensures the best chance of a sustainable peace

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Red Bay RNLI meanwhile was diverted while on a training exercise and requested to go southwards towards Larne.

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I didn’t manage it but I’ll be back next year.”

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Financial spreadbetters are predicting Britain's FTSE100 would open down by as much as 0.8 percent, Germany'sDAX 0.6 percent, and France's CACM 40 1percent.

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“I’m not a big person on looking to the standings,” he said

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We’re going to be calling stuff (on Sunday) that we’re really comfortable with

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"We probably get more trolls now because people think we painted a target on our backs," she says

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Jay Cutler is out for the winless Bears and Jimmy Clausen was shut out by the Seahawks.

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The union-run co-op would “control costs” without reducing benefits or passing on costs to workers, he claimed like an insurance salesman

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Obama did not explicitly call for Assad's ouster, and he suggested there could be a "managed transition" away from the Syrian president's rule, the latest sign that despite U.S

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Ronald Suarez said in a statement published by local media.

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When I was an orthopaedic consultant in Aberdeen, all the consultants did a monthly peripheral clinic at a cottage hospital, and these clinics worked well

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In his last start on Friday, he gave up five runs and nine hits in 4 1-3 innings.

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Right now Putin’s on the march thanks to Obama’s paralysis.

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She has just started to receive her state pension of 5,200 a year and also receives a teacher’s pension of 4,100 a year.

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Its citizens were expected to vote in presidential polls scheduled for Oct

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ICV and the Stalinist EUiA participated in the 2006-2010 regional government that implemented 1.6 billion in cuts

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That said, she adds, there is huge pressure on the new Labour leader, who has to please three audiences: his supporters, his MPs (most of whom didn't back him) and the public

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Itusually affects people over 50 and comes in two forms, wet anddry

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This abnormal release leads can cause weight loss by making the body break down proteins and fat.

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"I wrestled with it in different ways in different times," she says

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GROUND CONTROL: Despite his three scores, Charles was limited to 49 yards rushing on 11 carries and 33 yards on five catches by the Packers defense

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"At the same time, we welcomed that interest by establishing an intelligence cell in which Syria and Iraq participate."

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as an adjunct to diet and maximally-tolerated statin therapy for the treatment of adults with HeFH or clinical atherosclerotic CVD (ASCVD), who require additional lowering of LDL-cholesterol

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