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Rick Day, co-founder of Igot, another Bitcoin exchange recently launched in Africa, says Bitcoin is gaining popularity in Africa "slowly but surely"

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The study also found that the risk of CVD was even greater in women who smoked and gave birth to very premature babies or who had recurrent preterm births

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Wildlife managers are investigating and have set traps in hopes of capturing and killing the bear responsible, said agency spokesman John Fraley

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"It's definitely a relief to get everybody at full strength, especially at the start of training camp," Westbrook said

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Stewart had years to grow into his role

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central bank, the implication may be higher risk premia and lower market prices.

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Spieth ranked first on tour in one-putts per round and second in percentage of putts made from 15-25 feet

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"If anything, the leadership politics get a little bit easier under McCarthy, at least at the short term."

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Everything is special and one of a kind.”

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Louis Dreyfus is one of the "ABCD" quartet of companies-alongside Archer Daniels Midland, Bunge andCargill - that dominate agricultural commoditytrading

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Which postcode offers the best education, property, safety, childcare, and amenities? The mutual OneFamily has compiled a list of the top 20 postcodes in England and Wales to raise a family

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We need to do the same for dementia," noted Mr Martin.

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The truth is that my biggest problem this season has been getting angry in the first place

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Mr Karadag, whose nationality is still unclear, was paraded at the weekend in a televised "re-enactment" of the crime at the Erawan shrine and other central Bangkok locations

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I didn’t want to go out there and be kind of 50-50 and not really be myself.”

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and African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia and up to 300 troops to the U.N

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Muslim pilgrims rest at the camp city at Mina, near the holy city of Mecca September 24, 2015

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He’s working locally and thinking globally

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Democratic strategists concede that the GOP has done a good job of winning state races but say their party has improved its performance and is poised to do better

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In an Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, an anonymous McDonald's manager has confirmed the existence of the fast food chain's so-called secret menu

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But that means finding a new way for the U.N

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Please treat other participants with respect and in a way that you would want to be treated

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The city fell Monday, after hundreds of Taliban gunmen launched a coordinated, multi-pronged attack at several points around the city

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Despite Washington's public stance that "Assad must go," U.S

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In the UK, the Office for National Statistics is developing measures of wellbeing so government policies can, in its words, "be tailored to the things that matter"

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I was wondering if you would be willing to make a post or story about it? I am also looking for volunteers to come and act as witnesses for the event

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Mr Karadag, who is also known as Bilal Mohammed, was originally arrested almost two weeks after the blast, in a raid on a flat in Bangkok

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While Boehner has been a flashpoint for conservatives — attendees at this weekend's Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., loudly cheered when presidential candidate Sen

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It won’t be the same without Roethlisberger

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Preliminary information from Kentucky State Patrol indicated the child was struck during the "unloading" Monday afternoon but didn't specify if the boy went in front of the bus or behind it.

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Obama did not explicitly call for Assad's ouster, and he suggested there could be a "managed transition" away from the Syrian president's rule, the latest sign that despite U.S

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Thursday's China Caixin Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI),will be more closely watched than usual by currency traders, whoreckon a sharply slowing Chinese economy could delay rate hikesby the Fed

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We’ve had to deal with injuries

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It’s desperately needed work, but he was stunned by the prize, nonetheless

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Markets rise and fall, that's what they do

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Ripping off my eye mask , I saw Max Richter take his bow

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residence before turning back around and slamming into McDaniel, who was on foot

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You don’t want to assume they knew nothing

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"The Daily Show" is an American TV institution, particularly among progressives who cheered for Stewart's scathing critiques of political failings

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She played 50 roles in 22 seasons in the annual Shakespeare festival in her hometown of Ashland, Ore.

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Using Primate Labs’s GeekBench 3 testing app, the iPhone 6s models appear to be roughly 60 percent faster then iPhone 6 models at single-processor tests

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I do everything on the spur of the moment and I did that too

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He got forward Chase Budinger in a trade with Minnesota

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“What I was most impressed with that game was his second homer to right-center

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SSI chief operating officer Cornelius Louwrens, said it was "an extremely sad day"

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World leaders will attend the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit till September 27 at the U.N

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Pomerleau, though, said Trump's plan likely would cut taxes for low- and high-income filers alike

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This could be really helpful, especially this time of year.”

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Dozens of Palestinians were wounded in clashes with Israeli forces in violence that followed the Jerusalem unrest then

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He appeared in 14 World Series, won 10 championships and established records for World Series games in at bats, hits, doubles, singles and games caught.

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The body may creak a bit more and he'll certainly get nights off and his All-Star appearances could be in the rear view, but the mind remains sharp and strong.

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talks, citing concerns about "juridical" changes to the definition of the family

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Now, "Congress is saying 'give it to the SEC' because they know the SEC is so politically divided that (the agency) can't get to the issue until 2016," Levitt said

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Louis, a Josh Scobee field goal

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Bill as the head coach knows better than anybody

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“After 56 years of heroic and selfless resistance by the Cuban people, diplomatic relations were re-established between Cuba and the United States of America

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They analysed the phone usage and GPS locations of 28 people over a two-week period.

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Baltimore nearly beat the Patriots in New England in the divisional round

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In the new technique, a stem cell from an embryo is grown in the lab to create a single layer of cells, to replace the diseased area.

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A day earlier, Weener said the left front axle of theamphibious vehicle was sheared off, but it was unclear how thatoccurred

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Hamed, who works in the UOSSM office in the Turkish town of Reyhanli, told me: “This is a wonderful gift

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Referring to a flooding event on the scale of Superstorm Sandy, Mann says that “we estimate that that shouldn’t happen more than once every 3,000 years

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The court documents also list Sept

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As for Podemos, talk of “austericide” cannot hide the fact that Iglesias fully backed its sister party Syriza in Greece agreeing to impose mass austerity

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Dancers Bambi and Lil Miss Lixx, as well as the author, paraded outside carrying banners saying, "Burlesque is not porn" and “Puritanical rule is sooooo yesterday.”

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It's a very simple but effective trick, and it's made me just type away on this keyboard for no other reason than to watch the light show generated by my fingers

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It refers to an allergy to pollen and spores

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Cook then asked Mayberry - whose band, Blue Sky Archives, he was producing - to sing on the demos

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As I picked myself up I could see the bunch heading off miles into the distance – but instead of giving up hope I got mad and chased furiously to catch back up.

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There were only three trains a day - each with room for about 100 people, so three chances to get to the next stop, the Croatian border.

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They will dare Vick to throw on them, especially deep

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One, Danny Blanchflower, in 2009 said Conservative economic policy would push unemployment to 5 million; today it is 1.85 million.

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