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It will have a USB Type-C port just like its predecessor, which might also be a reason for the name

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The VW scandal has started to bite in its home base of Wolfsburg in northern Germany

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At the height of the ceramics boom in the late 19th Century, there were around 2,000 kilns in the region, and the industry dominated the area's employment

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A grant from the Clean Ohio Fund, along with money from the U.S

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13; this was a partial eclipse that was visible from far southern Africa, the southern Indian Ocean, and parts of Antarctica

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Happily, and somewhat unusually these days, there's a microSD slot to augment that onboard capacity.

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"Realistically speaking, it's sort of disproportionate to what we're doing."

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Unfortunately, Russia's intervention comes as US policy on Syria has fallen to an all-time low

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Wet weather along with the weed resistancecontributed to the problem, he said.

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APS pays Dufort $360 in annual credits on his power bills

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David Cameron's move - echoed by other nations, including the US - suggests there could be a way forward

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The plan is designed to reduce potential conflicts of interest because advisers who offer rollover advice to retirees stand to benefit financially

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"We can't tell if the market has hit the bottom because it'sdifficult to predict companies' valuations

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A Syrian refugee carries his daughter as a Frontex helicopter flies over on the Greek island of Lesbos, September 28, 2015

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They said she might be able to fly on Sunday next week, so if the rules could be bent, just this one time?"

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“And he’ll open the door for some new thoughts.”

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"(Stock) selling hasn't really stopped since Hillary Clinton made her comments last week," said Jeff Jonas, a portfolio manager with Gabelli funds

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Is it possible Pittsburgh's D is better than we're giving it credit for?

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Ohio is a priority state along with Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Iowa for Monarch conservation, according to the U.S

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The State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment

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Nasa just announced it has found liquid water on Mars

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Murphy has multiple hits in three of his past five starts

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Her identity was in me," he said

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The Astros, 30-46 away from home, have five road games remaining

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The study also found that women of other nationalities who give birth here are much more likely to breastfeed

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And I’m going to be smarter.

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The Commission is already embroiled in controversy over allegations of interference in the Catalan vote

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"I am starting to see signs of imbalances emerge in the form of high asset prices, especially in real estate, and that trips the alert system," he said at the UCLA Anderson School of Management

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congressional rebuke andglobal malaise hurting a range of Canadian resource companies ascommodities prices fell.

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Brown, her sister Maxine Brown and brother Jim Ed Brown, are being inducted in the Veteran’s Era category at the Country Music Hall of Fame this year

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Overnight, Kunduz city was solely under Taliban control

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Meadow Walker, 16, claims that the manufacturer used a weaker material in side door reinforcement bars, and used a fuel hose that tore and fanned the flames of the fire.

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Therefore, Vick has had very little time not only in their offense but also with the first team

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"This study is of importance because it could be used to flag up the need for extra support at school for children who are born pre-term

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Boohoo floated at 50 pence a share last year but the stock was hammered after a profit warning in January

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So the research also usedgeological records of more than1,000 years of past sea levels from the coast of New Jersey as part of the analysis

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In this way, Russia proves its position as a world power (an obsession of Putin's), embarrasses Washington and curtails Tehran's influence in Syria, which Moscow doesn't entirely trust.

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Could this latest time off actually be a good thing for the righthander and his team as the postseason gets set to begin?

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This really will be the first time he has ever used an autocue

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A migrant lifts a child to let it peek on the other side of a barrier at the border with Hungary near the village of Horgos, Serbia, September 16, 2015

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Adding to the gloom,commodity trader Glencore's Hong Kong-listed shareswere around 28-percent lower on Tuesday, after its London-listedstock plunged on debt worries a day earlier..

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"Those who say that China is doing nothing are just blowing smoke

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The youngest and strongest came first

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As with Boehner, they accuse the Kentucky Republican of backing away from fights with President Barack Obama

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By the time I got back onto the right road another rider was ahead of me

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She has raised concerns with both the Guernsey authorities and the MHRA about GcMAF

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