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Instant Articles is now available to all iPhone users globally and the Android version will launch later this year, with a small public beta available now

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Only individuals exhibiting symptom—which can include coughing up blood, chest pain, fever, chills and night sweats—are infectious.

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According to German researchers, people who have suffered a heart attack are often concerned that sexual activity will trigger another attack

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Gender is a shortcut to help us guess whether someone is strong or weak, aggressive or caring

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But even during this dark period, the RI has more than doubled its membership to 5,000 and expanded its digital presence.

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No toilet or cooking facilities

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One hundred thirteen days for them to get on each other’s nerves during meetings and promotional appearances

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Humanly speaking it’s impossible – but dialogue makes room for the Holy Spirit to work in the whole situation.

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We ended up meeting and I was so impressed with the work he was doing to try and make the railways safe


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"It should go without saying that I wish the party every success going forward

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The end of Schengen free movement would have economic consequences for some

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“The world got to see a show where a trans person came out and nobody died,” she says

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Preview images for the episode reveal that the Doctor's most famous enemy is back

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That prompted Vigneault, after his team’s sixth game in nine days, to reflect on how advanced statistics and possession measures haven’t reflected their results accurately this season.

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New York City's public pension system is unusually complex

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Glass even dropped the gloves with Cody McLeod

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Some locals scratch their heads over that possibility, arguing that it’s a waste of good weaponry

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Man after all is the measure of all things

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The same practices that you’d use to sequester carbon in the soil alsoreduce run-off and improve water quality