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"These magnetic fields have been predicted to exist, but no one has seen them before

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Mice exposed to the cold, they discovered, became 50% more efficient over the course of the study at absorbing nutrients from their food

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Which companies command the most respect in the UK Management Today magazine asked senior industry leaders to rate their peers - honestly and anonymously

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“I was just a Baltimore Colts fan

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"We suspect that most of these products are being imported for onward sale domestically as Christmas approaches

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Orbital is using an Atlas V rocket --powered by Russian-made RD-180 engines -- made bya joint venture of Boeing Co

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There was only one homicide in Juneau last year; the last homicide before that was in 2010.

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“Yesterday I lost a friend

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She later said an expert's opinion that the croc appeared long dead before the attack could be correct

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The digital rights battle comes as profit margins are thinning for many cable and satellite companies, which are trying to keep subscribers as programming costs rise

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When deposited in waterways, it can be converted to a more toxic form called methylmercury and build up in fish, posing risk to humans

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In fact it's the third piece by Isabel Marant we've spotted her in this week.

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The following morning revealed just how bloody the night was

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(AP) — With a young wife, infant daughter and government job, Syed Farook appeared to have arrived at a sweet-spot in life

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Those on this route will see their annual tickets rising from a January 2015 figure of 9,704 to a January 2016 figure of 9,800 - a 0.99% hike.

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In 2014, as a proof of concept of what’s possible with commercial cloning, Boyalife cloned three pure-blooded Tibetan mastiff puppies

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They point not only to the sheer amount of weaponry left unused, but also to the fact that the couple's rented SUV was due to be returned Thursday

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It should first be noted that on that final heave, the Lions' defense looked like a mess

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Others include the Ruffer Investment Company and RIT Capital Partners

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Rachel Weisz pushes the dramatic peaks and the revelation of Paul Dano’s real role are each two of many invested payoffs in the film

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This can make for New Year adventures within earshot of the sea

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The upcoming budget includes a record $543 million phased-in property tax hike dedicated to public safety worker pensions.

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Authorities said Neidy Ramirez was killed by blunt force trauma to the neck and her body was found buried under a pile of leaves in Fairfield Township

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One man scratched his ears with both hands.

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Waters were not receding insome of the hardest-hit areas

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For the rebels, the priority is Assad


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The appetite for scientific information from the public has never been greater

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But if that's what I need to do, I'll definitely write something down, otherwise I'll end up talking for 10 minutes.