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Later that year, Farook married Malik in Saudi Arabia and returned with her to celebrate the union at the Islamic Center in Riverside with a party for an estimated 250 to 300 people.

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It is common in North Korea for workers to keep some of the surplus they generate past the targets set by the state

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Among dozens of interactive educational exhibits are a butterfly garden, a streetscape from television's Sesame Street and a whaling ship.

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And how little this film did to make them more appreciable

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Carvalho is a player of previous interest to Wenger and has a buy-out clause from Sporting Lisbon that is set at 35m

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A surfer drops in on a large wave at Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal, November 29, 2015

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Muruganantham's price for providing the raw materials was too high

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It's a confrontation Republicans have been craving for a long time

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refiners, traders and logistics companies added anextra 11 million barrels of working storage capacity for crudeoil between March and September, according to the U.S

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I sort of remember being in the ambulance and asking if I could go to sleep

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There are other technologies being developed, such as atom interferometry that are making great progress, but to adopt that right now for a mission in 2034 would be a bit of a gamble."

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REUTERS/Courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg/

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The Fed chair also signaled several times during the hearing that monetary policy can’t solve all of the economy’s problems

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The US electric car manufacturer points out that the average household uses more electricity in the morning and evening than during the day, when solar energy is plentiful

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It is used to treat a range of mental health problems, including depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and psychosis.

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Chagas disease spreads through the droppings of a smallbeetle known as the Kissing Bug and primarily attacks the heart,ultimately causing heart failure and death

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After singing a nice blues number (accompanied by a superb Paul Shaffer), Murray tries to do the show anyway, but then the power goes out.

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"It's a real honour to work with these people," she says, "and that Darkchild song was really cool

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He was then hired by JGR for Hamlin, and was one pit stop away from winning the championship with Hamlin last year.

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Pillari’s most outrageous moment came after a key three-pointer by freshman guard Micah Seaborn in the win over USC

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‘Life is Strange’ snatched the Games for Change award in return.

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“The only question is if they lead to anything or not,” Cashman said in a telephone interview

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"The biggest concern is the fallout from the geo-political distress, We have seen a new quality from the sad events in Paris

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And given the risks of injury and the high costs of a medical evacuation from the slopes, this could prove very expensive for them.

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"A woman may experience more vague symptoms such as nausea, tiredness, shortness of breath, rather than the more usual crushing pain in the chest

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“I’m not snake-bitten

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This is the only collection that's by the artist for the artist," he said.

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A University of Hawaii dive team attempted to photograph the wreck of a Catalina PBY-5 in 1994 but was thwarted by the murky waters of Kne”ohe Bay

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It is going to be extremely complicated," said Yves Mirabaud, managing partner at Mirabaud & Cie and Swiss Bankers Association board member.

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During Alzheimer's disease, there is a build-up of a protein in the brain known as amyloid-beta

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Carney expects the California pilot for the new service to begin in the first quarter of 2015

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The most urgently needed action, Ryan said, was to replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as Obamacare is officially called.

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"But with a clever manager and the right strategy, you can edge some gains from this seesaw market."