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Atherosclerosis can trigger heart attacks and strokes.
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I think she was frustrated with school
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A 24-year police veteran who grew up in the city, Madden usually works a relatively dull desk job that includes supervising the department's dispatchers, whose voices he knows well
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And, oh yeah, being a guy, I have to confess that I liked the sex scenes in the film too
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Ella has experienced the humiliation of travelling as an 'unaccompanied minor’, red pouch slung around her neck, and there’s no way she is going back there again
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Then write us a short note explaining why you flagged it that way.
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They basically F’d up a free meal
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People with high blood pressure are three times more likely to have a stroke or heart attack compared to those with healthy or controlled blood pressure," she explained.
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Wade tied it on a short jumper — losing his footing four times on the play, he said — about a minute later, the 11th time the sides were knotted on the evening.
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The Paris tabloidLe Parisien's headline also printed some cartoons.
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firm that invests in telecoms and energy infrastructurebusinesses, will buy the new arm that will be created with thetransfer of Reliance Communications' towers and related assets.
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The UN refugee agency also opposes granting climate refugees the typical refugee benefits, such as asylum.
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Migrants wait to cross the border from Greece into Macedonia, near Gevgelija, Macedonia November 26, 2015
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Meacher’s Bennite period came to be viewed by some colleagues as an aberration or even a necessity for survival
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Senior food lecturer Christine Walker says: "Sugar has functions within the recipe, as most things do
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This paper demonstrates, through a series of examples, how data center infrastructure management (DCIM)
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“Bert Jones, Lydell Mitchell,” the Jets coach said, rattling off some throwback Colts stars
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Key data due next week include Chinese trade and Japanese third quarter GDP.
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The money for those programs remains subject to annual spending decisions by Congress.
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What's more, even though we are Jewish and they are Muslim, we were all born here
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It risks losing access to Europol, Europe's crime and intelligence-sharing agency, a service frequently used by Denmark.
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Attorney Jawaid Iqbal Jafree filed the court petition naming Queen Elizabeth II as a respondent on Wednesday in the eastern city of Lahore
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‘Doom’ will officially launch in spring 2016, but it still has a long way to go
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Mandatory reselection of Labour MPs as candidates by their local parties was introduced by supporters of the late Tony Benn in the 1980s
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The Air Force is just starting efforts to replace its current ICBM fleet.
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"Put together a positive agenda and take it to the American people," he urged members of his party
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The pop icon Instagrammed her gratitude for the gift
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And so far, the system has only been tested at a handful of sites.
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"Both plaintiffs were able toadequately use their computers for approximately 18 months andtwo years, respectively."
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“Levels of housebuilding remain well below those required to keep up with the pace of household formation, but we do expect improvements over the medium-term
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You can find me on your nice list, unless trying to bite my dog’s ear put me on the naughty list
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Bowles said Williams will be a game-time decision Sunday.
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Iraq’s military and pro-government militias have captured those areas with the help of airstrikes from the U.S.-led coalition
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But this culture [being brought by the refugees] is not compatible with ours
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But there have already been 235 cases this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday
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"In Malaysia today, we have Najib who has been in power for six years,” he said
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"These firearms ” are weapons of war, not tools of self-defense," Cicilline said
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Marshall will be in the Hall of Fame conversation if he maintains his annual career averages for five more seasons, but he’s not overly concerned about that with five weeks left in this season
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