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During a 90-minute meeting, U.S
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So far, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO has successfully navigated perilous terrain by avoiding rookie mistakes and capitalizing on her gender
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Copper was 0.6 percent lower at $4,937.50 a tonne,within sight of a six-year low plumbed last month
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“There’s a tremendous amount of misinformation about it being spread on social media,” he said
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That one will also be visible from New Mexico, with totality taking place during the late morning hours and dawn, and ending right around the time the moon sets and the sun rises.
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“Obviously, when you battle through that rehab and battle through that process and you set the target for Week One and it doesn’t happen, it’s a little emotional,” Cruz said
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It has nothing to do with balsa wood or fly-fishing, stamps or even books
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He was found the following morning with severe head injuries and was taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary, and subsequently Nottingham’s Queens Medical Centre, for treatment.
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"It doesn't matter which direction I look, every view is beautiful and the skyline is so dramatic
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Laubach died that these two young men did certain things which at first blush might not make sense to you."
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Smith missed the entire preseason after getting clocked in the jaw by his angry, debt-seeking former teammate IK Enemkpali
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The show was simulcast across several Viacom networks, including MTV, VH1, BET and Nick at Nite — a tactic recently used to boost the ratings of MTV's Video Music Awards
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Included with the costume is a blood-splattered smock, a pair of bloody gloves, dentist tools and a severed lion's head
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But what are the challenges that concern financial advisers the most? We asked this question and over 300 advisers responded.
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About 50 percent of the company's revenue comes from Europe compared to about 30 percent from the United States.
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The country has been led by a transitional government since last year and elections are scheduled for October 18, but are widely expected to be postponed.
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That’s up 71% from 2007-08, when about 51,000 homeless students attended public schools in the city.
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New England, of course, finished as the first team to go undefeated in a 16-game regular season, but lost in the Super Bowl to the Giants.
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Hensarling and another key Republican, Representative Paul Ryan, endorsed Representative Tom Price, a conservative Georgian, to replace McCarthy as the No
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Russell Westbrook worked out with Durant during the summer and said Durant looks like the player who averaged 32 points per game in 2013-14.
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Icahn said he had dinner with Trump recently and had spoken to the Republican front-runner by phone three or four times in the past few weeks
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He had tried to swim across the river ahead of the others, not knowing there was a bridge to cross
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I understand that Clinton has botched this entire email controversy
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The Cardinals can wrap up the division crown with a win in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night.
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Earlier this year, deadly demonstrations derailed SouthernCopper Corp's $1.4 billion Tia Maria copper project asconstruction was set to start
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So basically we ran out as (quickly) as we (possibly) could."
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For Georgia, with NATO membership as a lost dream
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The fight in Syria has become a conflict between Assad’s struggling army and a collection of radical Islamic militant groups, of which Islamic State is the most dangerous
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Commenting on the purchase he said: “I am delighted the collection has been saved and is now coming home
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Each of them found out in recent weeks through a phone call out of the blue.
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Earlier, hundreds of prisoners escaped from the main jail in the capital and U.N
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"A fastball to Shaw was right down the middle, and the one to Jackie Bradley wasn’t where he wanted it, either
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There’s no guarantee that the connection will ever reach the level that the three veterans have already established.
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At one point, several people attempted to stand on one another's shoulder to reach him.
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Roner was known for being part of the Nitro Circus, an MTV show centered around freestyle motocross rider Travis Pastrana and his crew of extreme sports athlete friends
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Fitch has kept a negative outlook onBrazil's ratings since April.
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As you go along, there a myriad of collectibles to pick up
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And this was before he limped off the court last season after 35 games
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More than a hundred security personnel and hundreds ofmilitants have been killed.
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This is the first time we’ve played against each other since 2009 (in the minor leagues) and I don’t plan on hiding my excitement at the field,” Chase said
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Shabdrung Rinpoche studies traditional Tibetan medicine as well
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Umberger from behind into the boards, prompting Flyers enforcer Wayne Simmonds to take a high run at an unprepared Kreider and stopping play
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Space has the potential to be the new battlefield," said Dr Cassandra Steer, executive director at the McGill Institute for Air and Space Law.
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"They've got a very physical way of playing
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The country's statisticians changed their method of calculating price rises last year, because their figures had lost credibility.
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There are four categories of ME/CFS patients: mild, moderate, severe and very severe
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In France, the conservative daily Le Figaro printed its bluemasthead in black over the headline "Freedom assassinated" butdid not reprint any cartoons
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This market has been propped up by QE and artificially low interest rates
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He also owns various shares worth 60,000 and 3,000 of premium bonds.
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Tony has to stop by Faddy’s and try on our uniform
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So its very unlikely that the missing sand has been swallowed into some deep hole in the sea floor.
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pharmaceutical giant Pfizer joined in 2009.
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By understating inflation, China's statistics masters can create the impression of faster real growth.
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Obama, who has used executive authority to relax parts of the embargo, said in his speech to the assembly that the United States still has differences with the Cuban government
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How much World Peace can contribute is up for debate
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A lot of indigenous history is located in oral traditions rather than in paperwork and search engines; if not maintained properly it can simply disappear after a couple of generations.
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A police investigation said it was speed that killed the "Fast & Furious" star
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