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NOAA notes that the strike on the planes’ Oahu base was a significant loss, adding that the bombers could have followed the Japanese planes back to their carriers.
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Sontchi must consider whether the plan by Energy Future isfair to creditors
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Back and forth, and back and forth, and then more back and forth they went all night, with all but seven of the game's 48 minutes being played while neither team led by more than three points.
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13 Paris attacks that have raised fears over security in Western nations and prompted France, Britain and Germany to boost their role in the U.S.-led coalition fighting the Islamic State.
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Health Minister Leo Varadkar has already said he hopes to have contract negotiations with GPs concluded by next spring.
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Working with Hodgson, and changing my perceptions, how I would deal with things, different levels of tolerance and acceptance.
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They called us 'agents', 'agents of counter-propaganda'
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The Associated Press reported that Farook legally bought two pistols found on the couple, but an unidentified man bought the rifles
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How many reports have you heard about the mental health of Syed Farook I've watched the news in an endless loop for 24 straight hours on multiple networks and I haven't heard one mention of it
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Even for those in better circumstances it's invaluable, said Washburn, a stay-at-home mother with three children.
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Just a week before I visited, three Chinese nationals from the same family were murdered in the town of Kitwe in the north.
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The pledge is another way that Beijing is making efforts to assuage African leaders that investment will continue
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Defending a 7,572 majority at Oldham West, he should have been home and dry, but June 1968 was the Wilson government’s low point and the Conservatives took the seat
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The sale is key for Reliance Communications, themost-leveraged Indian telecoms carrier with $5.8 billion in netdebt as of the end of March
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They have also questioned why he did not set up a not-for-profit charity instead.
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A search turned up 20 rifles, nine handguns and nearly 200 hydrocodone pills, arrest records show, and several of the guns were stolen
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“The man was fearless,” Fils-Aime said
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The federal government also pledged an additional $141 million in immediate relief and began to assess losses to life and property
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In 1995, he was arrested after deputies found him carrying crack and heroin
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That would require the equivalent of opening one new coal mine every month until the end of this decade.
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In medicine, decades of activism and the prevalence of health information online is forcing greater transparency and improvements in medical practice
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Residents are also reminded that the infection may present itself as asymptomatic (showing no symptoms).
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Meacher won the seat in May with 14,000 more votes than Ukip's candidate – a majority which should be unassailable
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If the last graph was Waterloo, this is War of the Worlds
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Whenauthorities call executives in, they say they are never sure ifthey are being asked to help with enquiries or are undersuspicion and when they might be released.
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No one expected anything grand from Stallone
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"Basically, we need to coordinate our efforts," said Tommy
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It opened up the door, and carved us a path, and I’m thankful forever.”
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The ship has two independent engine rooms but the fire damage knocked out both, Cahill said.
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“What if those people in that pop machine actually broke the fourth wall and told us information we needed to hear
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Launched in August 2015, Fig is a startup funded in part by Spark Capital, the same venture capital firm that's played a key role in funding Oculus VR, Twitter and Slack
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Distributorswant more rights to air shows over a variety of services butthere is also more pressure to monetize programming.
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They lose money on the deal, but with the cash they can buy what they need from the 3,000 market stalls that have sprung up in Zaatari
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"The authorities didn't give us adequate information aboutwater being released from a nearby lake
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They proceeded to Birkby where they found a colleague from Cumbria Fire and Rescue tryingto deal with numerous cars stuck in flood waters
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Although Oxfordshire coroner Darren Salter doesn’t exactly concur with Fry’s mother, he agreed that there isn’t any proof that the teen intended to take her own life
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