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Health Minister Leo Varadkar has already said he hopes to have contract negotiations with GPs concluded by next spring.

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There are signs that the group might be tightening its budget

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The two men became friends, and Ben-Gurion returned the visit, staying an extra week at U Nu's suggestion, to learn meditation.

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The Yankees had only one non-tender Domingo German, a 23-year-old right-handed pitching prospect

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However Sam Jackson as the narrator/Greek chorus of the film is actually very good, and has some really great lines

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You just accept things around you, you don't really see

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He said he "always led with condoms and honesty when it came to my condition."

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Aaron Rodgers threw to James Jones about 20 yards downfield, then the Packers began lateraling

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Nobody dared tap out a text message or whisper to a neighbor

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The Associated Press reported that Farook legally bought two pistols found on the couple, but an unidentified man bought the rifles

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Just a week before I visited, three Chinese nationals from the same family were murdered in the town of Kitwe in the north.

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Doctors allegedly don't yet know what happened or why, but Brianna's parents say their daughter's illness was caused by the vaccine

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He said he constantly has a niggling fear over whether the virus could still be inside him and whether he could pose a threat to others.

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It was up for sale by public auction, and although we came second in the bidding, we fortunately ended up with the plot as it transpired the winner didn’t have any money

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But just 18 months later, a brutal conflict erupted, in which thousands of people have died

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Now the company is launching BlueStacks 2, a mobile-gaming platform that spans mobile, PC, and TV

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He was injured late in the fourth quarter of last Sunday’s game at Denver, when Broncos safety Darian Stewart connected with Gronkowski’s right knee on a pass attempt that fell incomplete

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"Individuals who speak out for the life of children shouldn't suddenly be silenced by being screamed down because an insane person does a shooting in a clinic," said Republican Sen

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A search turned up 20 rifles, nine handguns and nearly 200 hydrocodone pills, arrest records show, and several of the guns were stolen

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One-third of respondents said that they had been diagnosed or treated for depression since the onset of their MS, while at least one in four had been diagnosed or treated for anxiety.

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It's supposed to ship to the Southern California launch site for installation next month in the InSight lander.

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KEEPING SCORE: European stocks headed lower in early trading

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With Britney’s name spelled in simple sparkly silver (as opposed to Smiley Miley’s usual kaleidoscopic color scheme), Cyrus sure knows how to keep fans guessing.

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Around 250 pairs of water buffalo took part in the Barapan Kebo ahead of the planting season, for prizes which included a top prize of a pilgrimage to Mecca

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That’s your role as the tribe’s ‘Beastmaster,’ you tame the wild

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Zespri in November signed a memorandum of understanding with the local government in the central Chinese province of Shaanxi to assess local kiwifruit varieties

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The couple later fell in love and had unprotected sex "like a normal couple."

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Until now Russian warplanes have been operating out of an airstrip in Latakia province, on the Mediterranean coast

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Four went to Pattaya, two to Phuket, two to Bangkok and the other two to (an) unknown location," the letter said, citing the information from Russia's top intelligence agency

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But she was ultimately grateful to have the chance to return to a galaxy far, far away

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The club not offering him a contract made him a free agent, but the pitcher, who was acquired last year from the Marlins in the same trade that brought Nathan Eovaldi, could return

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No children were killed or injured, a slightly silver lining to one of the city's darkest days.

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“Earlier repairs to the unit appeared to correct leakage issues, and there have been no signs of leakage since

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The Art & Crafts house that won Best Traditional Home is an example of a period-style self-build

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